Coming May 11

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Coming May 11

Get it on Google Play Download it in the App Store

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Infected Rewards

  • Tier 1

    3x Slow-Mo

    3x Health Pack

    3x Piercing Bullets

  • Tier 2

    1,000,000 Pts

    +500 Bucks

  • Tier 3

    2,000,000 Pts

    Founder's Body and Pant Gear

  • Tier 4

    4,000,000 Pts

    Founder’s limited edition Hat

In Game Footage & Images

In Game Footage & Images

It's a Zombie Playground Out There!

  • 100+ missions across Shotgun, Assault, Sniper and Machine Gun modes
  • Screechers, Jumpers and other horrible types of zombie monstrosities
  • Stunning console quality visuals showcasing the infected city and zombie-infested chaos
  • A wide variety of survival gear to kick ass and look good doing it
  • Power-ups including health packs, slow-mos and armor piercing rounds
  • Multiplayer Factions so that players can join other shooters in collaborative gameplay

Coming May 11

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